one of a kind datsun fairlady 1500

A original Nissan Datsun garage kept for nearly 30 years, the owner had big plans for it. Unfortunately prior to starting the plans, the Datsun was sitting in water for some time in a storage after a massive storm. The customer, still focused on his goals, decided it was time and brought it over to us at Royalty Performance. After doing the initial inspection, we phased out the build and informed the customer our dedication, commitment, and timely schedule. With the agreement, the build was underway and still continues today. 


original nissan datsun





526 whp / 565 tq

Precision 6266 Turbo

uprev tune, via 93 pump gas

Custom Fabricated Piping

1000 CC Injectors

twin turbo conversion to single turbo

twin to single turbo setup, nissan 370z, 6mt.

When power is not enough and the customer has a thirst for more. This Nissan 370z originally came installed with an aftermarket twin turbo setup that was completed by a competitive shop in the U.S. The customer wanted even more power and after laying out the available options, the customer opted to convert the twin turbo setup to a single turbo setup. Though both setups have its own advantages and disadvantages, the single turbo setup was the best route from the start. The entire setup for the customer was re-engineered from ground up. The setup includes; Precision 6266 turbo, CJM fueling, custom fabricated piping, UpRev tune, 1000CC Injectors.

Not only it is a daily driver with a conservative 8PSI, but has capability of 13PSI. The best part about it? Built on a stock motor. This build was completed two years ago and the car is still running strong. 


Single turbo setup featuring custom fabrication, tuning, and fueling. This customer with an Infiniti G37 opted for a single turbo setup, equipped with a GT3584RS Garrett Turbo. CJM fueling, custom fabricated piping, and Up-Rev Tuned. With an original natural aspirated motor outputting 330HP, this single turbo kit took it well north of 620 WHP. At full throttle, the turbos output at 13PSI and being daily, it averages around 8PSI. Full spool is given at 4k RPMs. 6 speed transmission with the build being completed over a year ago, and still running strong. 


639 whp / 575 tq

stock motor


uprev tune, via 93 pump gas

Custom Fabricated Piping

1000 CC Injectors


custom LS Built motor (natural aspirated)

500 whp / 486 tq

full fabricated roll cage

dog box transmission

revs above 8K

formula drift ready

Shop Car - Formula Drift RX-7

One of our passions is drifting and what better way to do it by having a dedicated formula drift shop car. Our RX-7 was gutted and transformed into a drift beast. By retro fitting a fully built LS1 that revs to 8K+ RPMs, yes unheard of, this RX-7 is in its own league. Nothing was spared on this build, from the built motor (see below) custom fabrication, EFI fueling, dry sump oil lubrication, full roll-cage, dog box transmission, and wrapped with Nexan tires. This car has participated in over 20 events (itrack and Pro AM Drift)  just this year only! 

Built motor includes custom pistons and rods, custom ground cam provided by Comp Cams, LS3 roller lifters, Comp .120 wall push rods, LS7 head-gaskets, roller trunnion upgrade, custom equal length headers, 3 stage dry sump oil pump, custom ITB intake system

300zx rb26 drag car

When bloodlines meet. This Nissan 300ZX shares it’s cousin’s soul, the RB26. The RB26 is known for it’s power capability, strength, and overall reliability which is now retrofitted into this 300ZX.  This drag car features built motor (see below) custom fabricated piping, TIG welded exhaust, front dump out, front and facing wastegate. 

Motor Specs:

RB30 short block mated to RB26 head assembly, built internals with Manley rods, cap pistons and billet main caps, Nitto oil pump and custom rear sump oil pan, Tomei cams and build head with custom port job. 


RB30 Matted with RB26

650 HP / 580 TQ

Custom fabricated piping

TIG welded exhaust

Front Facing Wastegate

drag car